#26 | Past | Change | BS | Don’t Fall for the lie… people were BORN to change


It’s unreal how many people believe that people don’t change. The only reason they believe it is because they were told it assumed it true. Everyone is pointing the finger at others who “don’t change” while they themselves change almost daily!

Don’t forget you are the people you refer to when speaking of those who don’t change. 


#25 | KoRn | Alice in Chains | Drinking | Smoking | How to have fun old and sober…


In What world do you have to live by the expectations you set for yourself without being a little flexible on achieving those expectations. Never lock yourself into one way of thinking! 

Motivation | Personal View | Your own Deception | have you taken a minute to really ask yourself what defines you?


Today we dive…

We are quick to point out the negative in others or even the positive… but have we ever thought about what locks us into the beliefs we have about ourselves or the labels we chose to accept as self facts!?