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243: It is easier to fool a person than it is to convince them they’ve been fooled.

This world will trick you then trick you, then offer you another trick as a solution to the first trick. Madness yes but here we are. Call or Text: 647.338.1265

242: Imposter Syndrome and Cancel Culture are actually gifts to anyone entering the public eye.

This toaster spins a good yarn. Use your fears as a guiding light and be thankful that the world is cannibalizing itself. The world is creating space for you right now to get going. Call or Text: 647.338,1265

239: Sam Crowley From Every Day is Saturday Drops by for our annual Year End.

I love having this guy come on the show and chop it up. He’s one of my favourite people in this reality. A man who simply does as he says and says as he does! Thought leader and Friend. You can find sam over at And you can find us at all the usual […]