#45 | Speak your reality | You were taught to be depressed | Anxiety is a result of the lies you’ve been told | Government is a scam…


Don’t hesitate to believe in yourself. Don’t hesitate to unlearn everything you currently think that makes you depressed. 

#44 | Politics | Government | Taxation is Theft | Conspiracy | Rant | Left Wing | Right Wing | Police Fraud | Wake Up.


If there were ever an episode the courts would point to as instigation of true reality, this would be it!

Stop Pretending everything is okay and that nothing can be done about it and STAND UP.

#43 | Death | Dads Bday | 12 years gone | time flies | call your parents | love | mindset | get out of your own way | Experiences.


Parents and Perceptions. 

Why do you hold your view of your parents? ask yourself that.  no matter how much you love or hate them ask yourself why and take out all biases in your answer! 

Thank you to everyone who listens. Today was an important one for me personally.

#41 | Watts | Belief System | Why | Frequency | All Over The Place | Start | Experience


How are you to achieve anything if all you can think about is what you’ve always been thinking about. 

Life is an experience. Life is amazing. Life is exactly what you think it is! Be careful how you think.

#37 | Obama | Greta | Ice Age | Global Warming | Ozone | Propaganda | Fear Mongering | Ignorance | Arrogance | Freedom Fries


37 happens to be one of my two lucky numbers, so i wanted to use this cast to talk about OBAMA and that greta (owned by george soros) I have a feeling if i keep putting these tagged and flagged words out on the internet all strewed into one someones going to charge me with some taxation bs haha …

Hope you all enjoy!

#36 | Trudeau | Politics | Media | Garbage | indoctrination | brownface | jump the shark…


This whole “Brownface” debacle Really needs to be the shark we are jumping as a society… Time to ask the real questions… I kinda showed way more emotion than ever in this cast, it goes up anyway! 

Foolishness … all of it!