#75 Becky Gale | Inspiration | Getting Started | Crohns | Cross Country | Passion | Skiing | Mountains

#74 Erin Karpluk | Getting Started | Being Erica | Celebrity | Hollywood | Sober | Mindset | Sobriety | Supernatural | Moms



When you get the opportunity to talk to a human with a heart this big you take it! Thank you, Erin, for joining us today and talking about all kinds! You’re an inspiration to some and I’m sure a pain to others! I had fun and am very much looking forward to the next conversation.

#72 Ires Alliston | Getting Started | Introvert | Coach | Using the Internet | Finding your voice | Follow your passion




We talk a big game around here about getting started! And today we had a guest on that was right in the middle of it all! From introvert to coach and motivator! What a powerful episode!

#71 Nate Bailey | Getting Started | Hell Week | Coaching | Inspired | Achievement | Kobe Bryant | Tomorrow is not a guarantee

#70 Dawn Bates | Author | Coach | Getting Started | How to Write | Sailing | Traveling | Free Thought | Leadership



What a treat to speak with a kindred soul and to make a new friend! 

Very Enjoyable episode! Seems to be the tale of the tape these days.

#66 Zachary J. Babcock | Underdog | Prison | Facing Demons | Adversity | Celebrity | Growth | New Challenges


Finally got to speak with the gentleman Zach Babcock. What a story he has to tell and what a tale of triumph over adversity.

A true legend in shattering belief systems.