#37 | Obama | Greta | Ice Age | Global Warming | Ozone | Propaganda | Fear Mongering | Ignorance | Arrogance | Freedom Fries


37 happens to be one of my two lucky numbers, so i wanted to use this cast to talk about OBAMA and that greta (owned by george soros) I have a feeling if i keep putting these tagged and flagged words out on the internet all strewed into one someones going to charge me with some taxation bs haha …

Hope you all enjoy!

#36 | Trudeau | Politics | Media | Garbage | indoctrination | brownface | jump the shark…


This whole “Brownface” debacle Really needs to be the shark we are jumping as a society… Time to ask the real questions… I kinda showed way more emotion than ever in this cast, it goes up anyway! 

Foolishness … all of it!  

#35 | Real Housewives | Real Estate | Media | Television | Awakening | Depression | Anxiety | Cause and Effect


There is an Actual correlation between how depressed you are and how much television you watch. You live in your world! Why would you allow yourself to feel as though you aren’t fully in control of how you feel?

#34 | Conspiracy | Reality | Perception | Free Thought | Challenge yourself to address your knowledge origins as a whole


Everything you’ve ever known is a conspiracy if it isn’t the truth! Everything you’ve ever wanted is a simple acquisition with the right knowledge. Everything you could ever dream of is on the other side of applied knowledge and individual extrapolation.

You can do exactly what you think you can do!

#76 | Randy Spencer | CFL | Edmonton Eskimos | Power Mindset | Goals | Achieve | Unstoppable


I couldn’t be happier to have one of the hardest working men I know on the podcast today! I think it was a great show which really went nicely into overcoming all challenges in front of us! 

Take from it what you will, it was nice to shoot the breeze with a great friend today.

#32 | Society | Living in hate | Acceptance | Take your power back | Friends | Green Bay Packers | First day of School


I loved this episode. It was a busy end of august and into sept. Nice to get everything all set up and ready for new seasons! 

#31 | More | Money | Happiness | Success | Respect | Love | Its all inside you WAITING for you to pull it out


Why haven’t you simply stepped up and solved all your problems? Because, You tell yourself a story! Change that story and your problems magically solve themselves.

Problems are just an opportunity for growth or collapse. Choice is yours. Always has been!

#30 | Craig McKee | WTC 9/11 | Absolute Conspiracy Episode with a little motivation mixed in



This is a truly enjoyable episode! Craig is a 9/11 expert like none other. I had an absolute blast picking his brain about so many topics I know you will all love the conversation as well. 

#29 | Motivation | Heavy talk | Waking up | Conspiracy Vs Your Life | Embrace your ability to communicate.


Touched on a lot of topics yesterday and wanted to tie them all in today in a neat little bow. Be open to what you think you know about everything and you will see that everything you’ve ever wanted to achieve is on the other side of the knowledge it takes to acquire goals. So the only thing you really need to make a difference in your life is more knowledge.