#66 Zachary J. Babcock | Underdog | Prison | Facing Demons | Adversity | Celebrity | Growth | New Challenges


Finally got to speak with the gentleman Zach Babcock. What a story he has to tell and what a tale of triumph over adversity.

A true legend in shattering belief systems.

#65 Brian Staveley | Mandela Effect | Changes | World Map | Black Tom Explosion | 9/11 | Bible Changes | Mind BLOWN






This Episode blew my own mind and this is a game I’ve been playing for a while!! I really hope you enjoy listening as much as we enjoyed creating 

#64 Sam Crowley | Podcast | Every Day Is Saturday | Actuate | Break Free | Mentor | All Round Good Guy…


Great way to cap off the year of amazement with one of the greatest humans on the planet! 

Thank you, Everyone, for Everything! 2019 was just a warm-up to the rest of life 😉 

#62 Brandon Handley | Rock Bottom | Rise up | Patterns | Creation | Busy | 100 days of Happiness



It was a real treat to have friend of MMA Brandon Handly on for the first official time! 

It will not be the last. 

#61 O.D.D TV | Matt Procella | Flat Earth | Elite | Saturn | Satan | God | Universe | Self | Hollywood | Burn