#287: The illusion of our past and the stories we seem to tell ourselves…

Ever noticed how a mirror can be the most flattering friend or the sneakiest foe? It’s all about the angle, folks! Our self-view is like a funhouse mirror – twist a little to the left, and you’re a superhero; tilt to the right, and suddenly you’re in a Picasso painting.

The way we see ourselves sets the stage for every act in the grand performance of life. Choose to see a rockstar in the reflection, and you’ll strut with a mic-stand swagger. Spot a brainiac with Einstein hair, and you’ll be solving life’s riddles one coffee at a time.

So, remember, whether you’re the hero in your own action movie or the mysterious protagonist in a film noir – it’s your view that paints the canvas of life. Just don’t take it too seriously; after all, even superheroes have to do laundry sometimes!






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