#173: Year-End | Don’t Look Up | Division | Indoctrination | Inspiration | Perspective | Personal Healing and Growth | Thank you.

The Ultimate white pill.

This is our last episode of the year! Went over a ton and super thankful for the opportunity to speak to you guys all year!


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#172: A voice for the non-aggressive non-compliant | Growing Aggression From Social Media | Moving more into purpose | Bring it!!

all “meta”



We are under attack, I believe however its only because we didn’t move fast enough!

Now we catch up!

#169: Facebook Censorship | Global Censorship | Soul Contracts | True Reality | Contrast | Existence | Experience

We are being controlled more and more. I feel this is happening so that we can learn to break free.

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The link to the new rules that will render facebook useless.


#168: Echo Chamber | Greta Thunberg | Kyle Rittenhouse | Division | Manipulation | Self Love | Self Aware| Realizations | Rambles

On all aspects of everything, we are divided. I did my best to create a crisp through process here but honestly i was flustered through most of it and i laughed after hearing it back so we uploaded it anyway.

Be you and have fun doing it! everything else is an illusion.

#166: Listener Questions | How To Get Over An Ex | Crypto | Favorite Author | Mole People | Simulation Theory | Metaverse

The episode purely answering questions.

Had some fun today answering your questions. If you want to make a comment or ask something send a text to 647.338.1265 you can also email us, info@thementalmasteryalliance.com.