#148: Chris From the Elevated Nation | Business in a Pandemic | Blades and Bourbon | Exotika Tattoos

We were lucky enough to get a few minutes with a man who is on fire!

The Pandemic created new challenges to overcome and this man has walked the the fires. Hes coming out the other side now, still brushing the flames off from his journey, but ready to speak about it to you and hopefully inspire anyone who needs to hear his words.

We are literally all in this together! Lets start acting accordingly!

You can connect with Chris through his many platforms:

Exotika Tattoos

Blades and Bourbon Barber Shop

The Elevated Nation

The Elevated Nation Instagram

Tales From the Crypto

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#147: Fake News | Fake Science | Fake History | Clearing yourself of Depression and Anxiety | Sobriety | Life After Alcohol.

We had to touch on the fauci bs. I also wanted to spread out to alcohol as it seems to be a recurring issue once again with the world we live in.

Anxiety and Depression as well have been all around in the energies. First and foremost we want people to understand you can change how you think and feel which in turn changes how you percieve.

We are moving into an amazing time in humanity, if you need a hand with anything that we’ve discussed here today please don’t hesitate to reach out.



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#146: A guest spot on “The Positive Side Podcast” | SwapCast | Crypto | Life | Mindset | Peace.

Another Amazing conversation with a great friend. This man has done nothing but impress since the day I was lucky enough to meet him.


We hope you liked the show!



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#145: Joey Rocha talks about debunking the Mandela Effect, we also dabble a little in FE as well as 911 and a potpourri of other gems.

We don’t own this image we just thought it fitting.

There are so many people out there just looking to fight or attack. Im over here looking for great conversation about things they told us we were crazy if we talked about.

I dont have the desire to put forth the effort it takes to live in hate or negative spaces anymore but i do appreciate a great point of contention. Since we are pretty much Pro Mandela over here simply because its one topic that never disappoints, we offer you the “other side”



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#144: Low Vibration | Crypto Currency | Fossil Fuels | Joe Biden | Illusion | Fear Mongering | “Gas Shortage” | Logic | Empowerment | Kindness

there is sooooo much going on in the world right now that it is taking its toll on even the most gifted of energy healers.

This whole podcast is one giant “let it all out” explanation of whats inside my head. I felt i needed to unload so i could reload 😉

I had a little fun with this one for sure.



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#143 Nat Rich: I am Sound Academy | Living with intention and integrity | quitting social media | finding happiness | Personal Responsibility and Accountability.

We had an amazing opportunity a while back to be a guest on one of Nats new podcast threads and this time we wanted her here under our roof, talking our topics and sharing her wisdoms.

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#142: Pastor Rick | Church | Community | Our current climate | Mandela Effect | Unity | Fight Fear

We finally had the opportunity to connect on the show.

This is one man I have an abundance of respect for with how he handles himself and his community! not to mention just how fast he can grow a full beard.

Sit down and have a laugh with us while learning a little bit about some random things!

Community is huge!

I think when you hear the term “were all in this together” we take it incorrectly!

If you need anything reach out!

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#141: Ontario and how it affects you | Unity | 100th Monkey Theory | Scalar Energy update.

Hundredth monkey effect – Wikipediahttps://en.wikipedia.org › wiki › Hundredth_monkey_e…

The hundredth monkey effect is a hypothetical phenomenon in which a new behavior or idea is spread rapidly by unexplained means from one group to all related groups once a critical number of members of one group exhibit the new behavior or acknowledge the new idea.

Everyone brings a piece of themselves to the party! Once we find complimentary energies we start walking away from the drama.



#139: Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson will, at some point, be the president of the United State of A Merica.

first things first… what exactly is this Merica the united states is one of??

We went hard into division on this episode

Fear Paradigm.

The Butterfly Effect / Mandela Effect.

Aside from a human error we managed to play one audience VMail.



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