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#168: Echo Chamber | Greta Thunberg | Kyle Rittenhouse | Division | Manipulation | Self Love | Self Aware| Realizations | Rambles

On all aspects of everything, we are divided. I did my best to create a crisp through process here but honestly i was flustered through most of it and i laughed after hearing it back so we uploaded it anyway. Be you and have fun doing it! everything else is an illusion.

#164: J-Man | Radio | Media Manipulation | Gaslighting | Propaganda | Psyops | 9/11 | Laughs

Had an amazing all-round conversation with a voice many will recognize. J-Man Joins us to talk about everything you ever wanted to talk about. A little conspiracy, a little motivation and a lot of laughs. Make sure to check out all he’s doing you can find him on youtube and his website as well as […]

#162: Australia | Shadow Work | Dark Night of the Soul | Meme’s | A Conversation with Cherie

Our conversation with an Aussie turned into a long stroll down everything lane. What was meant to be an enlightening explanation of the happenings in Australia became a humorous journey through self, memes, dark night of the soul and shadow work. You can find more on Cherie HERE.

#160: Mandatory Phaxzeens To board a plane and a train AND if you are employed by the Canadian Government

How are we supposed to be alright with all the doublespeak. How are people not seeing this What are the people who are able to connect the dots do in this situation. Teamwork. Once we start to figure it out we will continue to expand our knowledge collectively. An answer will become obvious in the […]