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#256: Society is at war with humanity | Energizer Bunny Mandela Effect.

What is “society” when we really get into it!? Yeah it is not what we think it is that’s for sure. Call or Text the show: 647.338.1265 Have your voice heard

#255: Kristy Morrison, a talk on the Dark Night of the Soul | Psychedelics | The Moon | Duality | Mandela Effect

Connected with Kristy Morrison on a myriad of topics. A very enjoyable conversation about breaking out of the norm and into a reality where its okay to love yourself and not live in fear, depression and anxiety. To see more of Kristy take a look at her work here: Call […]

#254: Special Guest Daniel Falkenbach | Dark Night of the Soul | Hero’s Journey | Chapel Perilous | Flat Earth | Everything Else.

This podcast has needed to happen for quite some time! Dan has a million ideas that are all coming out as they need to in his reality. If you liked what you heard here you can find more of Dan Through this link. And as usual, you can find more of us here: […]

#253: Dark Night Of The Soul and its effects moving forward.

It really becomes quite a test of the mind to be able to decipher all that may come your way when you begin to see things beyond what we’ve been shown. Call or Text: 647.338.1265 (Be Heard) I also mentioned our friend Cherie from episode 162 in here, you can find […]

#251: The Narcissist.

There is so much that goes into a relationship with a narcissist. its exhausting and a waste of your time. UNLESS you use the experience to build your character and set extremely healthy boundaries. Call or Text: 647.338.1265 (Be Heard)

#250: What we are being exposed to is altering our internal perceptions.

it is amazing how heavy the “influence” machine is pushing the chaos on us. Hopefully, however, it is working to wake up more and more people to the illusion we are all trapped in. or Text: 647.338.1265 (Be Heard)

#249: Rich V. Poor V. Success | Agenda 2030 | What are you reading | Where do we live?

Another Mailbag Episode this time from an AMA on Instagram story. I picked four topics I liked the best but there were some solid runner ups I may do another one of these episodes soon. or Text: 647.338.1265 (Be Heard)

#247: The Continuing Cosmic Shift.

Once the shift starts in you it will continue! There is no plateau. For me, a “creative” that means I often get lost inside my own mind, trying to turn my experience into words. It is often complicated and always rewarding. or Text: 647.338.1265 (Be Heard)