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#126: Anal Swabs | Cancel Culture | Joe Biden Recap | AbundanceScarcity | Public Speaking | Mindset | Laughter

we really have to be careful what we choose to believe when it comes to all the information out there, knowing most of it is manipulative from the get-go no matter which side you find it on. I had to touch on that in this episode, still learning the new gear but definitely having a […]

#124: Motivational Podcasts | Murder Hornets | At Home Schooling | Bernie Sanders Memes | Parler | Free Speech | Useless Eaters

We are in the middle of some major transitions. Great stuff coming down the pipe. We want to be able to help as many people as possible! Real, true folk who wanna get up and get going!  Instagram  Website

#122: This is your year | Division | Unity | Perspective | Finding your Tribe | Your Accomplishments | Inspiration | Greatness Within | The Need To Be Right | Speak Your Truth | Bullies | Trolls

We come flying into the new year with a bang! This is going to be a great year for everyone who decides its going to be amazing!   Chose your actions and reactions. Launch your Podcast Instagram

#120 Mike Oz | NWO | Fake News | Great Reset | Akashic Records | Numerology | Near Death Experiences | Regression Therapy | Edgar Cayce | Sleeping Prophet

What an incredible conversation with a great friend. Coming to a close on 2020 and everything is changing. 2021 is gonna be a gong show! go into its smiling and learning. Website Instagram

#119: Solar Flare | Dec 21st 12:22 Meditation | Christ Consciousness | 369 | Soul Contracts | Fifth Dimensional | 5D | Fifth Dimension | Manifestation | New Earth.

What an amazing conversation with a sure fire future legend in this industry!  If you liked this show and would like more information make sure to like and follow our friend Shelly. TikTok Instagram The Secret Covenant  Our socials can all be linked off our website. we will be migrating the site for better sight […]

#118 | Common Law | Strawman | Law of The Land | Free Man | Common Court of Records | Common Law Assembly | Language | Maritime Law | Oceanic Law

What a Trip having these conversations!  Very much looking forward to having many more and sharing with the world things they ought know!

#117 Randy Spencer Pt.3 | Heart Attack | Gallbladder Surgery | Insurance | Mens Health | Cocaine | Pizza n Wings | Food Allergies Test | Turning 40

Today I officially spoke out on the Gallbladder Surgery that put me out for about 3 weeks, i am still recovering as we speak and its a weird one. We speak on it in the episode but you never can fully prepare for what comes when you come out of hospital for any invasive surgery. […]