#137: Becoming the Free Rides again | Scalar Energy Update.

On todays show we reconnected publicly with the one and only Tone from ChangeUrPerception we discuss our “removal” amongst a million other things 😉 and there are birds chirping in the background which is always nice.

For those of you who dont know, i am not allowed to talk about it in the write up or title 😉

Fire episode however. Rude Crude and full of positivity!



#136: Tom Paladino | Quantum Healing | Tesla Energy | Holographic World | Look at this photograph.

I had the opportunity to sit down with Tom and talk everything Scalar. This Episode was an incredible experience and led me to take part in what they are doing. We recorded this episode a couple of days ago and I have since joined. All i can say so far is that i have experienced extreme fatigue in the first 48 hours which i havent felt in years.

There will be a follow-up to this one and I will keep you all posted as to how this went. If it went well we will work on creating a program offer special for all the listeners. Which would in theory be our first Ad, lol so it has to be good if that’s the case.

Scalar Energy Website

TMMA Instagram

TMMA Website

#135: Dawn Bates and Patrick Cooke | Awakening | Podcasting | Alcohol | Party Drugs | Sobriety | Alignment with purpose | Todays World | Travel | Awareness | Fifth Dimensional | 5D

I’ve had these remarkable folk on here before.

A Great conversation, easy and flowing. Just a laid back way to spend a day 😉

Patrick Cooke

Dawn Bates



#134: Adversity Creates Strength

It has been said that good times create weak men, weak men create bad times, bad times create strong men, strong men create good times, etc.

We’re at the weak end of that cycle now.

We will unify. All of us.

We now have an answering machine for you to leave your messages and questions for us to answer live on air: 647.338.1265



#132: Jarreth Anthony and I have a fascinating conversation about everything from current events to addiction to Tartaria, the Mud Floods and beyond! Waking up to the world around us is a real trip.

I couldn’t have asked for a better guest today! This young man is the future! I very much look forward to having him back on the show not to mention joining him on his new podcast venture when it starts! 

You can find more about us on our website and on instagram.

#131 A conversation with Canadian Mak Parhar! Who could be the first JAILED for c)vLD in Canada.

A fascinating interview with the man vilified for being the first to defy the draconian government mandates, he then went on to prove there were no people in the over run hospitals, followed up by international travel and defying the mandatory quarantine mandate publicly. It looks like jail but this is just the beginning…

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#129: WallStreetBets | Reddit | Crypto | Investing | Success | Price Point | Valuation | Money | Speaking | Instagram | Shadow Ban | Carrier Pigeon

I wanted to double down on what we were talking about with regards to your money and the new flashy wallstreet bets business. 

There are so many things wrong with that whole scenario that I had to talk on it! in full

We also went into many other fantastic topics! 

You’re all amazing and I thank you each and every day!

I hope you all stay sharp out there.



#128: A “conspiracy” conversation about reality and how we are told to view it. | Waking up through the eyes of society.

I was given the opportunity to connect with a woman who had many questions about what waking up was like, how the mind works in a brand new situation with brand new information.


I took it and ran! It a great show. 

I hope it spoke to a few of you!