#211: Comparisons between the social media algorithm and the “real world” algo…

The brain receives what it needs to receive. The lessons are the biggest part of growth no matter how good, bad, painful or exciting. Our lives are a little more complex than we’ve ever been allowed to believe.



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#210: Jason Bassler | Free Thought Project | Police the Police | Rage Against the Machine | Social Media | Existential Thought

Had an amazing opportunity to connect with one of the very first people making a massive difference in this new world! Jason was an amazing guest. Phenomenal energy and great conversation. Im already looking forward to having him back on.

You can find everything he is up to Right Here



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#204: Brian Staveley Pt.4 Mandela Effect Specialist | Finish Line of Truth | Default Reality | Conspiracy and Free thought | Special Shout out to Mak Parhar.

Brian and I have been friends for quite a while now. It’s always a blast when we get to connect for a show. In this episode, we had so much to talk about as we are both growing rapidly on so many levels.

It was nice to know that in this community there are people who are on the same page with regard to growth. so many people will find a story and make it their identity. This doesn’t just start once you begin to “wake up” since waking up is also just another identity. This starts before we arrive in this realm, I believe. I could be right I could be wrong. Either way, I know I love talking about anything and everything that will expand my understanding of “reality” and this episode is chock-full of all those topics!

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#203: Nick Hinton | Black Mirror | Tree Of Life | Synchronicity | Artificial Intelligence | Outrage Prn | “Conspiracy” Everywhere.

After about a year of trying to get this together, we finally pulled it off! Nick has come one the podcast. An amazing conversation about everything and nothing followed.

I really hope you guys enjoyed this one as much as I enjoyed connecting and chatting with Nick.

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