#154: Reality is a unique experience, contrary to popular belief ;)

There are so many stories we can all believe and the truth is your reality stems from all of them.

It’s how we can all live in the same sandbox, a collective location while having an entirely unique experience.

Don’t allow yourself to get too wrapped up in the game as this is literally all just some cosmic projection. ( probably ) 😉

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#153: Quitting Smoking | O.J Simpson | Mindset | Addiction | Instagram Poll

We had a little fun over on Instagram with some polls and questions.

I wanted to go a little further into what we were talking about there and how there is a way out using only your mind.

This is that show!

Also, we poke a little fun at OJ Simpson.



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#152 Terence McKenna | Unfree World | Visible Chaos | Ascension | 5D | Perspective | Humbled Peace

I packed a lot into this little episode! Lots to Expand upon in the coming months.

I really want everyone listening to this show to be able to truly open their mind without the trained need for aggression and violence. Those feelings and emotions stem from weakness and insecurity!

Confidence breeds confidence.



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#151: Changing of the Guard | Love for the Listeners | Second Year Anniversary | Thank you!

It is time to break the chains, to push past what we thought we knew and to do it without aggression or anger! Rather Acceptance.

Do not fight each other.

The answers are all around!

We’re stepping on the gas!



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#150: J** McA** | V*****e | Sui***ded | Depression | Anxiety | Hollywood | Reality | 5D | Having a Laugh.

We Talked about alot in here!

This is one of those episodes that may “mysteriously” go missing.

I speak on these topics however because there were imperative for me to lay the ground work in expanding my mind. Being able to see past whats handed directly to you is a blessing.

The world wants to flat out shit on anyone who gets out of its grasp!

Do all the research you need in life to realign yourself with your absolute center! Life really is amazing when you’re able to see most of the moving parts 😉

#149: Mouth Runners | Negative Space | Perseverance | Engagement | Speak your truth.

There are so many people out there who want to hear your message! They want to engage with you and your energy. And then there are the people who are very upset with themselves… so much so that they have to over flow their own self hate onto the world around them. Ignore everyone being spiteful, take no criticism from one you wouldn’t go to for advice.

Get out of your own way and attack that goal of yours.

There will always be something to say about what youre doing. Just be cognizant of who you chose to listen.

Have some fun with it all. No one gets out alive 😉



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#148: Chris From the Elevated Nation | Business in a Pandemic | Blades and Bourbon | Exotika Tattoos

We were lucky enough to get a few minutes with a man who is on fire!

The Pandemic created new challenges to overcome and this man has walked the the fires. Hes coming out the other side now, still brushing the flames off from his journey, but ready to speak about it to you and hopefully inspire anyone who needs to hear his words.

We are literally all in this together! Lets start acting accordingly!

You can connect with Chris through his many platforms:

Exotika Tattoos

Blades and Bourbon Barber Shop

The Elevated Nation

The Elevated Nation Instagram

Tales From the Crypto

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#147: Fake News | Fake Science | Fake History | Clearing yourself of Depression and Anxiety | Sobriety | Life After Alcohol.

We had to touch on the fauci bs. I also wanted to spread out to alcohol as it seems to be a recurring issue once again with the world we live in.

Anxiety and Depression as well have been all around in the energies. First and foremost we want people to understand you can change how you think and feel which in turn changes how you percieve.

We are moving into an amazing time in humanity, if you need a hand with anything that we’ve discussed here today please don’t hesitate to reach out.



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#146: A guest spot on “The Positive Side Podcast” | SwapCast | Crypto | Life | Mindset | Peace.

Another Amazing conversation with a great friend. This man has done nothing but impress since the day I was lucky enough to meet him.


We hope you liked the show!



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