#115 The Positive Side | Politics | Biden Trump Harris Pence | Motorcade | Election 2020 | Vote Day | Landslide | All The Worlds a Stage | Lost | Division | Nonsense

I was once again a guest on the positive side podcast. 

We went on and on about whats about to happen! 

American politics is basically Wrestlemania now.

We are making huge changes to our website in the coming weeks make sure to check us out.

The Mental Mastery Alliance

#114 Lisa Berchten | Pain | Growth | Modeling | Traveling | Mystic | Past Lives | Divine Feminine | Akashic Records | Emotion Code | Higher Self Healing

Sat down with one amazing soul today! 

We didn’t have all the time i wanted to talk so we will definitely be hosting Lisa again and soon! 

For now just sit back and enjoy this amazing story! 

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The Mental Mastery Alliance

Embrace it until you escape it! 

#113: A Thank you to the Audience | Trump / Biden | Lockdowns | Masks | Opinions | Asleep / Awake | Stop Fighting Each other | Awareness.

Today was just me and a microphone! 

It had been a while and i wanted to speak openly and candidly.

I also wanted to thank the audience for being so amazing! you’re all appreciated more than you know! 




#112 Brian Staveley Pt. 3 | Mandela Effect | WTC | Black Tom | Covid | LA Beaches | Reality | Aids | Haters | Energy | Masks | Flights | Shills | Pearl Harbor | 2012

Another amazing conversation with our good friend Brian Staveley from the Dose of Reality. No punches pulled here.

A legend of a free thinker! 

we very much appreciate his ability to push boundaries and check versions of reality we often just swallow.

Make sure to connect with his content 

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#111 Kevin Killen | Ghosts and Me | Author | Inspire | Mothman | True Stories | Haunted | Haunting | Mandela Effect | Paranormal | Abundance

We continued with our ghost stories theme from the last episode. 

We had a lot of fun with Kevin Killen Author of Ghosts and Me 

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#110 Eve S. Evans | Author | Ghost Stories | The Paranormal | The Moth Man | Big Foot | Supernatural | Haunted Hotels | Crystal Aura | Ghost Hunting

Today i was able to channel my inner “Art Bell” – the legend. 

This was Coast to Coast A.M with The Mental Mastery Alliance.

We dove into all kinds of amazing topics and I even feel the show itself was haunted, what with all the strange noises going on. 

Definitely check her books out on amazon and her new podcast! 

The Ghosts That Haunt Me 

I’m looking forward to turning this episode into an arc! 





#109: Craig McKee | 9/11 | September 11th 2001 | Pearl Harbor | Pentagon | Shanksville Pennsylvania | Flight 93 | In Memoriam

Craig McKee is the guest today. He is an old friend and certainly a studied authority on 9/11 I don’t know one other person who has spent as much time on this topic as our friends over at Truth and Shadows.

Links Discussed in the show:

Architects and Engineers 

Zombies / Virus Movies 

The Pentagon

Staging the Scene

Operation NorthWoods

The Mental Mastery Alliance



#108: Spiritual Dope | Mysticism | Mystic | Journey | Plan and Path | A Strange Truth Behind K0V1D | Coach | Empowerment | Spirituality | Growth | Chicken Farming

We connected with an old friend on today’s show. A much lighter show today than most but certainly a nice reprieve. Brandon Handly has always been a man who impressed me with how he navigates the energies of this world so its always fun to sit and talk with him!

Definition of a Mystic:

 a person who seeks by contemplation and self-surrender to obtain unity with or absorption into the Deity or the absolute, or who believes in the spiritual apprehension of truths that are beyond the intellect.

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#107 Swap Cast The Positive Side | Biden | Trump | Fact Checkers are Pedophiles | Depression / Anxiety cure | Simulation | 3D | 5D | History | Abundance | Sobriety | Clarity | Inspiration



Had an opportunity to be a guest on a good friend’ show the one and only Jeremy Todd from the positive side podcast. We went into all of it and tied it back fully into mindset and clarity! 

Best of all worlds.

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#106 Red Bricks | Tartaria | MudFlood | Star Forts | StarForts | Helios the Statue Of Liberty | Word Magic | Real Magic | Simulation Theory | Giants | Tartarian Mudfloods | Mud Flood

I had the opportunity to talk to this lad who has done a crazy amount of research on the Tartatiran Empire which has always been a fascination to me. He was able to show me that all the “rock Carvings that we see as buildings carved into rock are actually melted rock on top of pre-existing buildings. and once you see that you can’t unsee it ill tell you that much.

This episode was one of passion for me as I’m sure you’ll hear that come out in my inflections. Very happy to have put this cast out. We will hear more from “Red Brick” in the future.

Check him out if you have any interest in seeing things we were never taught but are clearly there! 



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