#203: Nick Hinton | Black Mirror | Tree Of Life | Synchronicity | Artificial Intelligence | Outrage Prn | “Conspiracy” Everywhere.

After about a year of trying to get this together, we finally pulled it off! Nick has come one the podcast. An amazing conversation about everything and nothing followed.

I really hope you guys enjoyed this one as much as I enjoyed connecting and chatting with Nick.

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#202: NDE | Near Death Experience | Default Reality | Third Dimension | Fifth Dimension | Comprehension

Spoke on what it took to break me through a lot of barriers. How I mentally got to where I am and how I speak on what I speak on. An episode truly on perspective and appreciation.

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#201: Breaking out of Default Reality | Podcast Niches | Shows I like.

Really wanted to talk about a few things here tonight.

There are some of us connecting more and more and that is an absolute miracle. Water will always find its own level as well the people you’re meant to jive with on your forever changing journey through this realm.

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#200: Celebrating 200 Episodes with some solid friends and some great conversation.

Its absolutely incredible to think just how far this whole thing has come since we first started and continued to implement.

The Mental Mastery Alliance started as an idea in the basement of another coaching brand. One that was built on greed. One that I helped build from the ground up and regretted very much. That regret however turned into a passion to help others overcome anything they feel is sitting in their way.

In hindsight I’m honoured to have been pushed by my own actions into my higher calling, I am blessed and I thank each and every one of you who have joined in on this journey.

I absolutely feel that we are also just getting started! Here’s to 200 more and beyond!

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#199: Simulation | Illusion | NPC | Conspiracy | Division | Self Aware.

How is it that we so readily accept an optical illusion and are amazed yet when faced with a mental or subconscious illusion we become at war with ourselves or those who demonstrated it?

This is what I needed to talk about today 🙂

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#198: Entrepreneurship | Business | Ego | Free Thinking | Coaching | Personal Perception

Went hard in the paint on this one. There are many reasons things are the way they are, the best piece of advice I can give is to learn to see absolutely everything from every perspective. This reality is fluid. Go with the Flow.

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#195: :Corey-Ray. | Natural Law | Strawman | Oceanic Law | Maritime Law | Freeman

Today we had the pleasure of connecting with :Corey-Ray. on a massive variety of topics. Freeman and strawman fascinate me. There will be so much more on this topic to come in our future.



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#194: Your Frequency and how you navigate your existence here in this reality.

There was a lot I wanted to talk about here today. So many of us get locked into a belief system in our minds without even realizing it, or that we overcome it every time we wake up. I want you all to enjoy the journey and we go into it a little here today.

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