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#296: Canada Day | Consciousness and the story we tell ourselves | Politics are a joke.

Canada Day, celebrated on July 1st, is a powerful testament to the unity and pride of Canadians. It is a day that underscores the strength and resilience of the nation’s spirit. The humanity of Canadians shines brightly, characterized by their warmth, kindness, and a deep sense of community. This contrasts with the broader society of […]

#295: Politics | Business | Conspiracy | Hollyweird | Adyashanti | The Mailbag Ep. 5 (I think)

A huge thanks to everyone who submitted questions for this Mailbag episode! Your curiosity and engagement are what make the show so much fun. Want to be on the next one and have your question answered live? Call or text us at 647.338.1265! We can’t wait to hear from you. www.requesttoguest.com www.tmmapowercall.com www.coachingwithtmma.com www.thementalmasteryalliance.com www.instagram.com/thementalmasteryalliance […]

#292: What is Reality? | Braindump Thought Process Episode.

The audacity of reality lies in its relentless capacity to defy our expectations and confront us with truths that are often startling in their intensity. It intrudes upon our carefully constructed narratives and comfortable illusions with a force that is both humbling and transformative. This boldness of reality challenges our perceptions, demanding that we adapt, […]

#291: The Dichotomy of Douchebaggery and the Intentional Collapse of the Middle Class

The decline of the middle class in North America is a complex issue, but some argue it’s not accidental. Factors like globalization, automation, and stagnant wages are squeezing the middle. Critics point to policies favouring the wealthy and corporations, suggesting a system rigged against the middle class. While there’s no single culprit, the question remains: […]

#290: Comparison is the thief of joy | An Ode to your younger self | Conversations with an old friend.

Gathered around microphones cell phones and a failed zoom call, the nostalgia flowed as freely as the memories at “The Cabin,” our cherished watering hole from years past. Two decades may have passed since our last conversation, but the camaraderie and connection were instant as we delved into the past and present. Amidst the laughter […]

#289: My Take on The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz | 20-minute brain dump as well.

Embracing new information is the cornerstone of personal growth. Just as plants need sunlight to flourish, our minds require fresh insights to thrive. When we actively seek out and absorb new knowledge, we expand our perspectives, challenge our assumptions, and ignite our curiosity. Whether it’s learning a new skill, exploring different cultures, or delving into […]

#288: Money and the illusions used for you to become self aware.

In a world where the allure of convenience and comfort often comes at the cost of autonomy, the pervasive influence of money has been wielded as a tool to manipulate and deceive. From targeted advertisements to algorithmic recommendation systems, every click, swipe, and purchase is meticulously crafted to nudge individuals towards relinquishing their independence. The […]

#287: The illusion of our past and the stories we seem to tell ourselves…

Ever noticed how a mirror can be the most flattering friend or the sneakiest foe? It’s all about the angle, folks! Our self-view is like a funhouse mirror – twist a little to the left, and you’re a superhero; tilt to the right, and suddenly you’re in a Picasso painting. The way we see ourselves […]

#286: Vaccine Lettuce | Climate Change | Eclipse | Nipples | Root Canal | Vasectomy | Tubes Tied | Breast Implant Removal | Barry Wood

Tonight we collected three additional rockstars and talked about it all. The world is starting to wake up more and more as time passes! Its been an absolutely amazing journey to be on as well as to witness others join in on. I can truly say I am blessed and thankful to have been able […]