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#279: Part 8 | The Cure for Cancer | Science is a Religion | Fema Camps | Nuclear Hoax | False Flag Alien Invasion.

This is the final episode of the 8 part series! I had a lot of fun recording this and I’m still amazed at how long it took. I go into that a little in the show! hope you enjoyed this one and we will catch you on the next 🙂 Keep that mind open. www.requesttoguest.com […]

#192: Jennifer Carmody JK_Ultra and the “conspiracy” episode | Agent Smith Effect and an alien encounter.

Today we connected with Jen Carmody, an absolute legend. We talked for so long about absolutely everything. She will definitely be a recurring guest on here. I love these types of connections. https://www.helirods.net/thesecretcovenant.htm https://beacons.ai/jk_ultra Shoot us a text or leave us a message 647.338.1265