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#277: Don’t fear the news and don’t be fooled by conspiracy porn either.

Believing solely in mainstream news or succumbing to conspiracy theories both carry their own set of adverse effects. Blindly trusting news sources can result in a limited perspective, potential bias, and misinformation perpetuation, undermining critical thinking and fostering a passive acceptance of information. On the flip side, subscribing to conspiracies can lead to increased distrust […]

#274: Elisa Kurylowicz | Waking Up | Mushrooms | Dating | Growth | Narrative Shift | Truckers | and everything in between.

We’ve swap casted before but this time shes on our show. Another Barn burner of a show. Pre Edits we went 4 hours. I only edited out the small breaks we needed to take as well, no words were cut from the show haha. This one was a lot of fun! Make sure to check […]

#257: The you that I know | Division will inevitably lead to ascention.

Ill tell you, who you think you are is who they made you think you are. You are not that person. You are so much more! www.requesttoguest.com www.tmmapowercall.com www.coachingwithtmma.com www.thementalmasteryalliance.com www.instagram.com/thementalmasteryalliance Call or Text the show: 647.338.1265 Have your voice heard

239: Sam Crowley From Every Day is Saturday Drops by for our annual Year End.

I love having this guy come on the show and chop it up. He’s one of my favourite people in this reality. A man who simply does as he says and says as he does! Thought leader and Friend. You can find sam over at https://launchmymovement.com/ And you can find us at all the usual […]