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#290: Comparison is the thief of joy | An Ode to your younger self | Conversations with an old friend.

Gathered around microphones cell phones and a failed zoom call, the nostalgia flowed as freely as the memories at “The Cabin,” our cherished watering hole from years past. Two decades may have passed since our last conversation, but the camaraderie and connection were instant as we delved into the past and present. Amidst the laughter […]

#274: Elisa Kurylowicz | Waking Up | Mushrooms | Dating | Growth | Narrative Shift | Truckers | and everything in between.

We’ve swap casted before but this time shes on our show. Another Barn burner of a show. Pre Edits we went 4 hours. I only edited out the small breaks we needed to take as well, no words were cut from the show haha. This one was a lot of fun! Make sure to check […]