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#284: The world is your creation. So why is it all messed up :)

Do you ever wonder what extraordinary achievements lie dormant within you, waiting to be unleashed? Often, it’s our fears that act as formidable barriers, preventing us from reaching our full potential and achieving greatness. Fear has a way of paralyzing us, keeping us confined within our comfort zones. Whether it’s the fear of failure, rejection, […]

#283: How to create your dream online with Filip Van Houte | Philosophical Conundrums which Create Growth | Branding, Content and Marketing for Coaches.

I had the privilege of connecting with Filip Van Houte, a dedicated individual on a mission to assist anyone striving to enhance their online presence or personal image. Whether you are already engaged in self-marketing efforts or in the process of discovering your message and purpose, Filip has a wealth of valuable insights to offer. […]

#282: The stories we tell ourselves about who we are | The Day I Died Twice.

In a world often dominated by the ego, the concept of egoic death emerges as a profound and transformative idea. Egoic death is not a physical demise but a psychological and spiritual shedding of the ego – that part of ourselves which craves validation identifies with success or failure, and separates us from the interconnected […]

#280: Population Control Seems to permeate all “conspiracies”

In the vast realm of conspiracy theories, a recurring theme emerges, linking seemingly unrelated narratives to a central thread – population control. While it’s essential to approach conspiracy theories with a critical mind, the notion of population control often surfaces as a common denominator in various speculations. Conspiracies surrounding population control range from the covert […]

#279: Part 8 | The Cure for Cancer | Science is a Religion | Fema Camps | Nuclear Hoax | False Flag Alien Invasion.

This is the final episode of the 8 part series! I had a lot of fun recording this and I’m still amazed at how long it took. I go into that a little in the show! hope you enjoyed this one and we will catch you on the next 🙂 Keep that mind open. www.requesttoguest.com […]

#278: Heather Kehoe | Breast Implant Removal | Taxation | Investments | Conspiracy | Cognitive Dissonance | Coaching | Etc.

We went in on one here. No topic off the table! I always love connecting with Heather over at www.thehchc.com her take on life Is a breath of fresh air in a world hell-bent on causing chaos. www.requesttoguest.com www.tmmapowercall.com www.coachingwithtmma.com www.thementalmasteryalliance.com www.instagram.com/thementalmasteryalliance Call or Text the show: 647.338.1265 Have your voice heard

#277: Don’t fear the news and don’t be fooled by conspiracy porn either.

Believing solely in mainstream news or succumbing to conspiracy theories both carry their own set of adverse effects. Blindly trusting news sources can result in a limited perspective, potential bias, and misinformation perpetuation, undermining critical thinking and fostering a passive acceptance of information. On the flip side, subscribing to conspiracies can lead to increased distrust […]

#276: Part 7 | M.K Ultra | Birth Control | Federal Reserve | Monsanto | Taxation is theft.

In a world where information flows freely, conspiracy theories often capture the imagination of individuals seeking alternative narratives. While many view these theories with skepticism, it’s worth considering some potential benefits they may offer: It’s crucial to approach conspiracy theories with a discerning mind and a healthy dose of skepticism. While they can offer certain […]