#54 Jack Murray | Australia | Money | Passion | Ego | Financial Slavery | Perception of self | Achievement | Get Rich Right.


An absolute great Podcast covering a laundry list of great topics. All circling around your ability to achieve anything with the proper foundation and desire for knowledge. 

Very much looking forward to our next collaboration. 

#53 | Deception | Depression | Media Manipulation | #firejessallen | Don Cherry | Illusion of Alcohol | Racism


We are inundated with bs on a regular basis … be very careful what you allow into your system, physically, visually, and audibly. Your mental well being is at stake 

#52 Dan Smith | Don Cherry | Free Speech | Rockefeller | Clinton | Religion | Vegan | Atheist | Gym | etc.


Great conversation with a long-running friend who apparently has never listened to the show! You’re forgiven Dan, looking forward to being on your show in the future.

#50 Tyson James Lee Pt. 1 | Extreme Fitness | Health | Living in a beach house to being robbed at gunpoint | Coach | Empower


Now, this was a powerful show! 

Amazing how well the energies of it all work when you put a thought into the mix.

What a great guest, definitely a part one here yet no confirmed pt 2 at this time! We will do it! 

#49 David Schloss Pt.2 | Hospitals | Doctors | Overcoming | Mindset | Battles | Heart | Weight Loss | Champion




Make sure you get out there and follow this man! He’s been an absolute treat to speak with. His journey is one of inspiration. Pt 3 Comming in six months! 

#45 | Speak your reality | You were taught to be depressed | Anxiety is a result of the lies you’ve been told | Government is a scam…


Don’t hesitate to believe in yourself. Don’t hesitate to unlearn everything you currently think that makes you depressed. 

#44 | Politics | Government | Taxation is Theft | Conspiracy | Rant | Left Wing | Right Wing | Police Fraud | Wake Up.


If there were ever an episode the courts would point to as instigation of true reality, this would be it!

Stop Pretending everything is okay and that nothing can be done about it and STAND UP.