#103 | Fluidity | Change | Growth | Understanding self | Trump | Biden | Pedovore | Hillary | How you fit in | Gym | Sobriety | Why you’re seeing this | New Start | Quit Smoking | Quit Drinking



We are unapologetically going to make you look at yourself. Make you put you first. Make you love you! 

#102 Mike Romanelli | Pandemic | The Dojo Of Comedy | The Great Awakening | Hollywood | Wayfair | Twitter Bans All Q-Anon | Sun Gazing | Grounding | Mayan

We were lucky enough to get a little time with Mike Romanelli and we “went hard in the paint”. Had Alot of fun connecting for the first time. We covered so much in this episode its hard to believe it went an hour and a half! feels like ten minutes.

Make sure to check this legend out over at:


The Free Thinkers Society With Mike Romanelli 


Very excited for our next connection! 

#100 Emil Huremović | CNO Invezor | Awakening | Connecting to Source | Living in Abundance | Face Masks | Covid-19 | Reality | Go within | Dubai | Beauty | Passion | Purpose




We had the opportunity to connect with a young leader in a growing community of empowerment and energy! It was a great conversation that I’m sure will lead to many more! A must listen.

We also had a small 100th episode celebration. 😉 



#98 | One Full year on air | Dave Chappelle | Howard Stern | Joe Rogan | Cancel Culture | Getting Started | Covid | Riots | Mindset | Karens | Empowerment



We live in a world where if you get to the point where you have a voice others will try to crush it. You have to understand you were built for more than to blindly follow. Accept that you will get backlash from everyone around when the time is right as it is a sign of growth and a right of passage for most. 

Controversy exists to teach us to overcome. 

So get started today on building your dream controversy be damned.

#97 | Individual Thoughts | Racism | Media Manipulation | Covid Social Circles | Self Awareness | Choices | Anxiety Control | Perspective | Thinky Pain




How can you properly process into your future if your style of thought is fundamentally flawed?

#96 | George Floyd | George Soros | Antifa | Riots | BLM | Media Manipulation | Revelations | Murder Hornets | TMMAConspiracy | Mental Health | Questions | Podcast





We are coming up into the greatest awakening in my personal lifetime! Before this, there was 9/11 and then a collective shift in around 2012/2013 back when they were talking about the end of the world “Mayan Calendar” and the such. Well, that was the end of the world as we knew it we just weren’t ready for what that may have entailed!

This Show will take on whatever incantation it needs to help as many people as it can! I love you all and I’m on high alert for the haters! 

Once you start pushing against the matrix, the matrix pushes back with all of its agents (Smith) 

#95 Tony Grebmeier | Depression | Alcoholism | Addiction | Suicidal | AA | Overcome | Sober | Sober Living | Contributing | Creating your Happiness



Had the opportunity to sit down with an absolute beauty of a man! Quite the conversation about overcoming! I hope you guys enjoy listening as much as i enjoyed the conversation.

He will be back that’s a given 🙂 


#94 Dr. Keith Merron | Transformational Coaching | Paradigm Shift | Paradigm Mapping | Global Paradigm | Internal Paradigm | Lightning

#93 | Murder Hornets | Positivity in Chaos | Comprehension | Conspiracy | New Podcast | TMMAConspiracy | Covid-19 | Media | Television | Pandemic | New Norm | Better World | Veil is Lifting



Come Check out our new stuff and connect with us! We are looking forward to smashing some of these archaic systems down on the new show! As well as shatter our existing limiting beliefs on this show! 

Thank you all again so much for your continued support.