#77 Len Wright | Mystic | Healer | Information | Deep Dive | Energy | Hermetic Laws | Story | Soul | Growth



We had an amazing conversation here about connectivity with self. Ego. Clarity. Karma. Our past pain history and how it affects us. The first of many to come. 

We strongly recommend connecting with Len if you’re looking into yourself for more answers. He’s unique.


#76 Randy Spencer | Heart Attack | Awareness | Life Saving | Reality | Sobriety | Mindset | Getting Started Again | Life

We had the opportunity to connect again with Randy Spencer. Talking about his recent heart attack and sharing the story with you. A story that could save your life if you take it in. None of us want to be in that situation but some of us end up there! Might as well be armed as best you can! 








#75 Becky Gale | Inspiration | Getting Started | Crohns | Cross Country | Passion | Skiing | Mountains

#74 Erin Karpluk | Getting Started | Being Erica | Celebrity | Hollywood | Sober | Mindset | Sobriety | Supernatural | Moms



When you get the opportunity to talk to a human with a heart this big you take it! Thank you, Erin, for joining us today and talking about all kinds! You’re an inspiration to some and I’m sure a pain to others! I had fun and am very much looking forward to the next conversation.

#72 Ires Alliston | Getting Started | Introvert | Coach | Using the Internet | Finding your voice | Follow your passion




We talk a big game around here about getting started! And today we had a guest on that was right in the middle of it all! From introvert to coach and motivator! What a powerful episode!

#71 Nate Bailey | Getting Started | Hell Week | Coaching | Inspired | Achievement | Kobe Bryant | Tomorrow is not a guarantee

#70 Dawn Bates | Author | Coach | Getting Started | How to Write | Sailing | Traveling | Free Thought | Leadership



What a treat to speak with a kindred soul and to make a new friend! 

Very Enjoyable episode! Seems to be the tale of the tape these days.